Emacs Shortcuts

M-y Replace previous paste with the previous clipboard content
C-S-<Backspace> Delete the current line
C-u N Repeat the following command N times
C-x C-m f Change file encoding
C-<SPC> C-<SPC> and then C-u C-<SPC>Remember a position in the buffer and cycle back to saved positions
C-x hMark entire buffer
C-x zRedo the last operator (z again to repeat)
C-x r <SPC> N then C-x r j NSave position to register N and jump to position N
M-g M-gGoto line number
C-M-<SPC>Select next word without moving cursor
M-pLoad previous search string
C-wSearch for the word after the current mark
M-cToggle case-sensitive search
CC mode
C-c C-cComment region
C-u C-c C-cUncomment region
Keyboard macros
C-x ( Start a new macro
C-x ) Finish the new macro
C-x e Execute the most recently defined macro (e to repeat again)
C-x C-k Edit the most recently defined macro
C-u C-x ( Execute and add keys to the most recently defined macro
name-last-kbd-macro Give a name to the most recently defined macro
apply-macro-to-region-lines Run the last keyboard macro on each complete line in the region.
C-x r k Kill a rectangle
C-x r y Yank a rectangle
C-x a g Add a global abbrev
C-x a l Add a local (mode) abbrev
C-u - C-x a [gl] Remove a global/local abbrev
C-q Don’t expand this word.
Outline mode
(Remove C-o if not in TeX-mode)
C-c C-o C-t Hide all
C-c C-o C-a Show all
C-c C-o C-e Show this one
C-c C-o C-c Hide this one
C-x r t Replaces the contents of a region-rectangle with a string on each line
C-c e Insert a new item
C-c C-c Make an action (compile, view)
C-c   Goto next error
C-c ) Insert a reference (reftex)
S o p Forward a news to a newsgroup
Etags / Ebrowse
Creating the BROWSE file: ebrowse **/*.{cpp,h,hpp}
Creating the TAGS file: etags **/*.{cpp,h,hpp}
C-c b s Look for a tag in all files
C-c b u Look for the calls to the selected member
c b , Continue the last operation
C-c b % Query replace a tag in all files