Latex Slides Builder

This is a template architecture to create and compile latex slides easily. You can also use it for reports or articles with almost no changes.

  • Download latex-slides.tar.gz
  • Quick start
    • Edit tex/slides.tex
    • Run make pdf
    • Read pdf/slides.pdf or use make pdfview
  • Makefile rules
    • clean: removes generated files in pdf/ and ps/
    • distclean: also removes generated pdf and ps output
    • pdf: creates pdf output
    • pdfview: visualizes the pdf output
    • ps: creates ps output
    • psprint: creates printable version with several slides per page
    • psview: visualizes the ps output
    • all: creates pdf and ps files
  • Internal organisation
    • common/
    • This file is included by every Makefile. Define constants here. Currently, only the REPORT variable is used, and contains the name of the master tex file. Default is `slides’.
    • Contains some rules to produces latex compatible graphics automatically from current formats.
    • extra/: Put any .sty file you need here.
    • graphics/: Put your graphics files in their original formats in the corresponding directories. They will be automatically converted into suitable formats. For eps and pdf files, you need to put an eps version in graphics/eps, and a pdf version in graphics/pdf in order to create both pdf and ps output. You can use `convert foo.eps foo.pdf’ from Imagemagick if you cannot export natively in both formats.
    • pdf/: Build directory for pdf files.
    • ps/: Build directory for ps files.
    • tex/: Placeholder for tex source files.

Thanks to Didier Verna for the initial complex architecture from which this one was extracted